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    The Shack

    After the abduction and assumed death of Mackenzie Allen Phillip's youngest daughter, Missy, Mack receives a letter and has the suspicion it's from God asking him to return to The Shack where Missy may have been murdered. After contemplating it, he leaves his home to go to The Shack for the first time since Missy's accident and encounters what will change his life forever.
    Duration: 132 min
    Quality: HD
    Release: 2017
    IMDb: 6.3
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    Berto Anonymous
    I don't think that I've ever seen a movie this good before. It really captures in my opinion what GOD really is = PURE LOVE!!!!
    2018-04-13 20:04
    candy Anonymous
    i'm dumbfounded, i super love this movie!!! one of the most unforgettable flick i've watched in my life, and i've seen millions of movies!! hope every1 gets to see this amazing movie!!....
    2018-03-22 12:03
    2017-11-09 20:11
    tammieb Anonymous
    I loved the movie. It is not all Bible based like our lives but it really got me to thinking and pondering some things. God has many different ways of reaching all those who are his.
    2017-10-04 20:10

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  • Actors of "The Shack"

  • Characters of "The Shack"

  • Directors of "The Shack"

    Stuart Hazeldine. Director of The Shack

    Stuart Hazeldine

    Birthdate: 10 June 1971, Surrey, England, UK
  • Creators of "The Shack"

    John Fusco. Director of The Shack

    John Fusco

    Andrew Lanham. Director of The Shack

    Andrew Lanham

  • Critic Reviews of "The Shack"

    Katie Walsh Tribune News Service

    March 06, 2017

    If Octavia Spencer is God, then Lord, take me to church.

    Chris Nashawaty Entertainment Weekly

    March 03, 2017

    It's one of those movies where you'll either decide to give in right away and sob for two hours straight or opt to fight it while your resentment slowly simmers to a rolling boil.

    John Semley Globe and Mail

    March 03, 2017

    Based on the sleeper bestseller by Canadian author William P. Young, The Shack offers an enlightening - if dispiriting - vantage on contemporary, non-denominational Christianity.

    Peter Sobczynski RogerEbert.com

    March 03, 2017

    The Shack wants to be a sincere exploration of faith and forgiveness but somehow manages to be both too innocuous and too off-putting for its own good.

    Adam Graham Detroit News

    March 03, 2017

    "The Shack" is a grief-packed journey through loss, bargaining and acceptance that feels like an overly long church sermon.

    Ignatiy Vishnevetsky AV Club

    March 02, 2017

    Most of its running time is taken with mollifying conversations between Mack and the movie's New Age-meets-Bible Belt oversimplifications of the Holy Trinity. It fits right into a long tradition of quasi-mystical pseudo-parables.

    Richard James Havis South China Morning Post

    April 17, 2017

    The Christian God is rarely shown figuratively in movies, and The Shack is a good example of why not.

    Mabel Salinas Cine Premiere

    April 08, 2017

    The Shack will appeal to those who like Christian cinema and put the theme above the technical attributes. [Full review in Spanish]

    John Lui The Straits Times (Singapore)

    April 05, 2017

    British director Stuart Hazeldine cranks up the digital effects to give a fairly interesting interpretation of heaven, but they cannot make up for how this is a sermon, turned into a play, dressed up with computer-aided show-and-tell.

    Alice Murray Film Inquiry

    March 20, 2017

    The Shack successfully manages to challenge the narrow conceptions of what a Christian looks or sounds like - hence all of the debate and controversy.

    Jim Lane Sacramento News & Review

    March 09, 2017

    This one nevertheless falls short, thanks to the plodding direction of Stuart Hazeldine, who also lets Worthington engage in the kind of mumbling whisper that some actors mistake for intensity.

    Marjorie Baumgarten Austin Chronicle

    March 09, 2017

    To the film's credit is its willingness to dip into the deep end of dark matters instead of shying away from harsh truths and hard-earned faithlessness. Still, The Shack plods toward the Almighty - even when its characters are walking on water.

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